Not “Silly”, – SILICONE!

Do you ever hold, or ‘grip’ something for long periods of time?

Do your fingers, hands, arms or shoulders ache because of it?

Have you ever felt there could be something more comfortable about your grip?

SiliGrips - ergonomic bike / crutch / cane grip

We have your solutions! 

Ergonomic Hand Grips!              SiliGrips - ergonomic bike / crutch / cane grip

Silicone hand grips with an organic, ergonomic design  -
-  for many different uses.

Flexible, shock absorbing, amazingly comfortable, our ergonomic hand grips are designed to fit the hand and spread out pressure, dramatically reducing the pain and discomfort associated with uncomfortable grips, making your activity more pleasant and sustainable.

Handlebar style grips -                     SiliGrips - ergonomic bike / crutch / cane grip

  • Great for; bikes, motorcycles, atvs, snowmobiles, crutches, canes, walkers, tools, garden machines, heavy equipment, etc. …
  • See page   Handle for a Bar



  • SiliGrips ergonomic silicone hand grips

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